Calcutta Pathlabs : Diagnostic Laboratory in Kolkata


Calcutta Pathlabs (CPL) is fully automated diagnostic laboratory with attention on providing quality at affordable costs to laboratories and hospitals in Eastern a part of India.

Calcutta Pathlabs-CPL has established with the aim of providing a superlative Lab diagnostic services under one roof. A group of experienced bio-medical professional has founded this super speciality referral Lab with a Centralized Processing Unit (CPU) within the City of Joy, that specialize in strong technologies and Quality systems that enable laboratory to supply the simplest test reports at a reasonable cost.

We have been using Fully Automated US-FDA approved Abbott / Architect i-2000sr instruments for Thyroid, Infertility Hormones, Cancer Marker, Vitamin-D, Active B12, Other Hormones and Infectious Assay. Automated HPLC Instruments, Fully automated Bio-Chemistry Analyzer from Sysmex Corporation, JAPAN, Fully Integrated Immunoassay Analyzer DIASORIN, ITALY for all special test for Metabolic disorders and Anti Nuclear Antibody (ANA) etc. As a result we’ve been producing the test reports of US-FDA QUALITY with higher SPEED of reporting within 2 Hrs for B2B samples, however performing on value makes a lot of impact when the operation are B2C with very economical cost. A fully optimized, highly efficient, seamless automation has ensured highest level of quality services at affordable costs for underprivileged society.

Mission & Vision of Calcutta Pathlabs

Our mission is to provide access to the Laboratory test information and solutions in one click.

Our vision is to use our passion for Quality Services with the help of automated technology for Laboratory Testing and Cloud computing software for reporting, in ways that only CPL can”

CPL has been following its mission statement and vision statement, leading to its current position as one of the most valuable brands in Eastern India.

Quality of Calcutta Pathlabs

Our quality assurance policy is very focused and implemented through ….

  • Cutting Edge Technologies from USA, JAPAN & ITALY
  • US-FDA approved medical instruments and reagents for testing
  • International Standard of Clinical Practice
  • A strict accordance of Internal and External Quality Assurance System.


We offer advanced pathology testing services and follow highest quality standards at our laboratory of excellence. we believe prevention is better than cure. We provide holistic pathological services across all our centers in Kolkata.

  • Haematology Instrument: We have three part and five differential, fully automated haematology analyzer from ERMA INC., Japan for accurate interpretation and error free diagnosis. We also have an automated coagulometer for coagulation profile study.
  • HPLC: ASPEN AIC LABNOVATION a fully automated accurate HbA1c estimation with graphical presentation for better understanding of clinician.
  • Bio Chemistry: A fully automated random access biochemistry analyzer BX-3010 from Sysmex, Japan to give accurate and faster results with International quality
  • Microbiology: We have a Bio safety cabinet Class II Type 2A for our microbiology procedures. Exclusive feature is the automation system from International Company for culture and Sensitivity of Tuberculosis. This aids in the accurate diagnosis and treatment of Tuberculosis.
  • Immunology and Special Chemistry: DiaSorin LIAISON from ITALY, “Flash” chemiluminescence technology (CLIA) with paramagnetic micro particle solid phase based are using for numerous specialty tests like Bone & Mineral Metabolism, Autoimmunity, Oncology etc
  • Immunoassay by Architect i-2000sr: Architect – is a fully automated CMIA analyzer from Abbott Diagnostics, Chicago, USA, Globally No.1 ranking in the Immunoassay analyzer instrument in terms of number of test performance per year. Apart from Architect, we are also using automated ELISA system to cater the need of the Collection Centres, Hospitals, Nursing Home, doctors and patients.

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Address: Kolkata

Contact No: 033-23560401 / 9433-026-662