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Laptop Repair World engineers always before understanding technology updates and repair latest laptops in but a couple of hours. In Laptop Repair World you’ll find anything associated with your notebook. Most recommended laptop repair services in Hyderabad.

Laptop Repair World

Laptop repair world is specialists in repairing all types of laptops across all brands. We repair your Laptop in 3 easy steps. You will have your damaged Laptop back with working condition in no time!

How laptop repair world repair laptop?
  • Submit your Laptop:
    • Submit your request by filling Repair My Laptop form online
    • calling us at 9515-942-609 to pick-up your device for free of charge or
    • visiting our nearest laptop service centre to drop your device or
    • simply emailing us at
  • We repair it like new:
    • Our Laptop technicians will diagnose the difficulty
    • then Tell you the laptop repair cost and therefore the estimated time taken to repair the laptop.
    • Upon your approval, we fix your Laptop like new in but an hour.
  • Free Pick-up/Delivery:
    • Once your Laptop is repaired and glued , we’ll inform you via SMS, email and call .
    • You can either have the Laptop delivered for free of charge otherwise
    • you may pick-it up from our nearest Laptop Repair Store.

What Laptop repair world Believe?

Laptop repair world offer quality work to our valued customers/clients and believe that no other repair businesses would repair your laptops within the way we do. We provide excellent service during a timely manner at a competitive rate and assure that doing business with us would be always affordable and straightforward .

You will find transparency in our laptop repair work from the start to finish and that we feel pleased with it. We trust that laptop/notebook repair is completed fast and quicker in order that the customer/client deserves absolute best service.

Services at Laptop repair world

Laptop repair world is a full solution to all your computer needs.Let our friendly knowledgeable staff help you solve all your computer problems

We offer a full range of services, from a simple repair of your desktop, laptop, computers, top upgrading your computers & servers, all the way to custom built pc’s & servers. Network repair and troubleshooting most major brands. we have multiple service option.

  • Screen Replacement: Notebook Display Damage, Broken, Flickers, Dull, Touch Screen issue
  • Hard Disk Replacement: Laptop Hard Disk Drive Failed? SSD / HDD Not Working / Bad Sectors Fix
  • Laptop Not Turning On: Laptop Not Powering on, Notebook Not Turning on Problem Solved
  • Hinges Replacement: Laptop Hinges Repair, Notebook Display LCD Hinge Replacement
  • Panel Replacement: Laptop Panel, LCD Panel Broken, Top Panel, Base / Bottom Fix
  • Laptop Keyboard Replacement: Laptop Keyboard Not Working? Internal backlit keypad keys fix
  • Laptop Memory / Ram Upgrade: Laptop Memory Upgrade, Increase 2 Gb, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB Ram
  • Touchpad Replacement: Laptop Touchpad, Mouse Flicker, Touch pad not working fix
  • Speakers Replacement: Laptop Speaker Not Working, Laptop Internal Speakers Fix
  • No Display: Fix Laptop No Display, Display Not Coming, Blank Screen, Display Cable Fix
  • Battery Replacement: Fix Short Battery Life Less Backup Time, Laptop Battery Draining Faster
  • Motherboard Replacement: Laptop Motherboard Replacement. i3, i5, i7 Mother Board
  • Overheating Fix: Laptop Overheating, Heating, CPU Fan Malfunctioning Solved
  • Power DC Jack Repair: Laptop Power Jack, Power Button, DC Jack Issue Replacement
  • Auto Shutdown Fix: Laptop Shuts down Automatically, Restarts Frequently Fix
  • Charger Replacement: Laptop Charger Not Working / Notebook AC Adapter Issue Solved
  • CPU Fan Replacement: Laptop CPU Fan, Cooling Fan, Exhaust Fan Not Working Fix
  • Body Replacement: Laptop Body Cover, Notebook Top, Base, Bottom Panel Damage Fix
  • Power Button Replacement: Laptop repair service fixes Laptop power button issues
  • General / Cleaning Service: Laptop Internal, External, Dust Cleaning, Exhaust Fan Cleaning Service.


Laptops were originally designed for short duration and irregular use, not for daily continuous operation. The inherent design features of a laptop encourage their use in non traditional settings and in poor postures. If you need to conduct your work on a laptop for an extended period of time – or your laptop is your primary computer, we recommend you to go through this :

  • Position
  • External Keyboard
  • External Pointers/Mouse
  • Laptop Stations or Stands
  • Transporting your Laptop

How to take care of Laptop?

safely using your laptop will help ensure that your laptop works properly and you don’t get hurt. Improper use or not being aware of safety issues can cause your laptop irreparable damage. These safety tips should be added to your weekly laptop maintenance routine and will help you stay productive and safe, no matter where you are working.

  • Shut It Down
  • Adjust Power Settings
  • Before you Pack
  • Vent Maintenance
  • Check the Fan
  • Bios Updates
  • Lap Burn
  • Laptop base
  • Unplug Accessories

Why to choose laptop Reapair wrold?

  • Free Pickup & Delivery 
  • Checkup at free of cost 
  • Get free Estimate
  • No Fix-No Fee 
  • 1 Yr Warranty

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