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Dream Bubbles Have you seen bubbles? A tiny glittering thing moving up, always catches our eyeballs in childhood. The uniqueness we like about bubbles are, as they move up, they get bigger and bigger. What amazes us the most is, this little thing has the strength of defying the most critical obstacle we all face, the gravity.

The bubble we live in, is of your feelings, your passion, your heart felt desire and the most awaited joy of your life. We live in the bubble of your dreams.

We, at dream bubbles, believe in tuning into the most melodious version of life. We find joy in surfacing the bubble of your dreams. The only thing we care about ‘perfection’ is, upto the specifications of your dreams, otherwise, creativity is what defines us because this is what it takes, to mould the stern reality into the beauty of your desire.

Dreams hardly knows any boundaries and so is our passion to give it an exact earthern shape . We are desperate to take ourselves to any version just to reach the horizons of your dream.

Dream bubbles Pvt Ltd is the best event management company in Kolkata and we are gradually winning the smiles of several other parts of Bengal and Eastern India.

As parents, we dream about the sweetest smile on our daughter’s face on her wedding day, an entrepreneur dreams of holding an energetic team of achievers with a loyalty he can swear upon. A boy of 15 dreams of the big fat birthday party his dad promised when he turns 18, in a sound sleep after days of tremendous work pressure, we dream about of silent escape into salient nature.

A dream is what defines what we really are and how unique we are in the rat race of life. And it is Your dreams, which does not let Us sleep. Just let us in your bubble of dreams and we will design it, decorate it, illuminate it and frame it, just the way it is, the way you have dreams of it, the best of you can think of.

Dream bubbles is the best event management company in Kolkata and and as we say it, at Dream Bubbles, “your dreams…our passion” !!

What Dream Bubbles offer?


Dancing with the beats of your passion, be it a wild one with the DJ on the floor or a beautiful sangeet evening in Bollywood style, we, Dream bubbles, the best event management company in Kolkata, specialize in every bits of celebration.


Designing is a team game. We team up with your desires, dive into the ocean of possibilities, find the jewel of your dreams, sharpen the rough edges and bring to you the shiniest day of your life you ever dreamt of.


Spices always set the spirit of every occasion. At dream bubbles, the best event management company in Kolkata, we understand the taste buds of every community and specialize in a variant range of dishes from all gharanas. Be it spicy Bengali or elegant Italian food tastes at its best when it comes with a decoration


When you are busy attending your guests, we ensure you do not miss out any bits of your dream event by capturing every details with an efficient team of photographers.


Dream bubbles is the best event management company in Kolkata and we do care how our hosts look in the day of their dreams.

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Address: Dream Bubbles, Bowbazar, 20B, Sri Gopal Mullick Lane, Near to, College Square, Kolkata, West Bengal 700012

Contact No: 9163-358-474