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GreenTokri was established in 2001 by Dr. Marc Cremer and his wife Benedikte in partnership with Mr. Zaheer J. Vakil and Mr. Mohiuddin Mulla.

It all started as Marc’s hobby and his desire to have fresh lettuce in India. Marc is a Pune-born Indo-German who has been living here with his family for the past fourteen years. He has a PhD from Berlin’s Humboldt University in Agricultural Engineering. After working in the IT sector for several years, Marc has now returned to his passion and joy – farming in India.

With his knowledge of Agricultural Engineering and IT background, Marc has introduced the latest technologies into the Indian salad farming. On the farm you’ll see an intricate computer-operated drip-irrigation system providing not just hydration but also fertiliser to the plants based on carefully monitored chemical factors. He has made it possible to grow tasty, high quality lettuce in harsh Indian terrain.

When GreenTokri started, there was no market for lettuce. Marc and Benedikte began by marketing their lettuce to their own friends. Sooner or later, by word of mouth, they have established dedicated Puneites who wanted lettuce delivered to their door.

Today, GreenTokri’s home delivery distribution network has grown to cover all areas of Pune. You can find GreenTokri lettuces and herbs in retail shops and restaurants.

With changing Indian urban lifestyles, renewed health consciousness is entering our homes and kitchens. However, fresh, high-quality and affordable leafy salads have not been easily available in the Indian market… until now.

Why GreenTokri ?

GreenTokri has met the challenge of bringing fresh, tasty, high-quality, and hygienically produced lettuces at affordable price!

Growing salads year-round is both challenging and resource intensive. At GreenTokri, we have introduced the latest technologies into the Indian salad farming industry. Agricultural experts from different countries have visited our farm in Sasvad, Maharashtra and given consultancy on technology and production systems allowing us to achieve our goal of growing best quality produce year-round.

To provide customers with fresh, tasty, and high-quality lettuces, we harvest our produce 6 days a week. All produce is cleanly processed and packed and delivered to our cold storage in Pune. From there, we efficiently deliver to our retailer partners and customers so that our salads retain freshness, quality, and nutritional values.

Try our lettuce today and taste the difference!

Currently we offer home delivery of our products once a week to areas in and around Pune. This is to ensure that you, our loyal customers, can get our freshest products on a regular basis. It is our constant endeavour to help you discover a healthy lifestyle while eating tasty zesty food. Our products are also available at many retail stores Pune and Mumbai. To start enjoying the benefits of a healthful living sign up now for Home delivery or pick up our products from a retail store nearest to you.

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