Organo Sarika Agro Foods Mumbai


Discover the essence of natural and chemical-free agro products with Organo Sarika Agro Foods, a distinguished manufacturing and food processing company based in Mumbai. Our flagship product, “Organo- Health Matters,” unveils the finest quality granular jaggery, meticulously crafted from the best sugar cane, sourced through partnerships with jaggery manufacturing farmers adhering to our stringent quality standards.

Headquartered at 09, Om Shiv Complex, Kamothe, Navi Mumbai, our company is committed to delivering hygienically processed and impeccably packaged agro foods. Spearheaded by Mr. Dattatray S. Mali, a seasoned professional with over 18 years of experience, our mission is to empower our nation’s farmers through the direct selling of agro products. Organo Sarika Agro Foods not only contributes to the national exchequer but also provides employment opportunities to thousands, positioning itself as a trailblazer in the agro-industry.

Nourishing Lives, Empowering Farmers: Organo Sarika Agro Foods’ Vision

Embrace a healthier lifestyle with Organo Sarika Agro Foods, a Mumbai-based agro company dedicated to revolutionizing the agro-industry. Led by the visionary duo of Mr. Dattatray S. Mali and Mrs. Sarika Mali, each boasting over 18 years of corporate and business expertise, our company is committed to creating a thriving market for top-tier agro products. Our debut offering, “Organo-Health Matters,” epitomizes quality, taste, and chemical-free goodness. We not only prioritize customer awareness about health, food, and agro products but also extend our commitment to farmers by providing comprehensive marketing and production training. With a keen eye on both the Indian and overseas markets, Organo Sarika Agro Foods is poised to make a lasting impact, fostering a future where quality agro products contribute to both personal well-being and national prosperity.


  • Organo Jaggery granules jar pack 400gm
  • Organo Turmeric powder 100 gm
  • Organo Chatakdaar Special Masala 200gm
  • Organo Brown Sugar ( Brown Color)

Address:- Sector-18, Kamothe, Navi Mumbai, 411209