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Warana valley owes its revolutionary socio-economic development to the great visionary late Shri V.A. alias Tatyasaheb Kore. Warana Sahakari Sakhar Karkhna Ltd., established in 1955. Warana Coop Sugar factory provided income source for 10-15% farmers having irrigation facility. To improve economic condition of remaining 85-90% landless labor and small holding farmers the ‘Warana Dairy’ one of the successful co-operative dairy, was established in 1968, with noble purpose of providing an additional income to the farmers from surrounding villages.  This revolutionary movement crossed the turnover of Rs 900 crores per annum.The dairy has acquired the ISO 9001-2008 and H.A.C.C.P. food safety certificate.  The dairy has most hygienic plant of milk processing with the capacity of 10 lac liters per day. Warana Shrikhand has set a record of highest selling in India. It’s also one of the most popular product in Maharashtra. Along with Warana Shrikhand an indigenous Indian Sweet, Warana Milk Powder, UHT Milk in Tetra Pack. The dairy also produces various Milk and Milk products like Pasteurized Milk, Ghee, Butter, Cheese,  Paneer,  Chass, Dahi, lassi, ice cream, Packaged Drinking Water  and many more. Milk powder is produced in a quantity of 65 metric tons  per day, it is exported to gulf countries like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Sarah, African countries, Bangaldesh, china. All this stands as a solid proof of warana’s quality.  Soon these products will be exported to European countries, US, UK, Russia, South Africa and Bharain etc.

The dairy plant is equipment with advanced machinary and technology for manufacture of milk & milk products. Warana brand milk & milk products are popular in domestic & Export market due it’s quality.

The dairy plant is certified with FSSAI, BIS, Agmark, EIA and aslo ISO-9001 and HACCP.

Dairy plant has handling capacity of  7,00,000 lit per day.

Warana is pioneer in launch of various product in market such as.

1. Introduced pouch milk in mumbai.

2. Introduced traditional product shrikhand.

3. Lounched Sweet Lassi in pouch packing.

Procurement Department Milk Collection Development

The farmers initially sell their surplus milk to the dairy and to special attention was given for special milk production by the farmers.  The 70% of the total milk comes   from buffalo class while 30% comes from the cow class. The breeds of the area are non descript so the milk production capacity was very low. Hence the Warana Dairy is working on breed developments understanding its own limitations. The large  scale training  camps are being organized at the women and farmers level to improve the feeding and management status. Along with these activities, channelizing of the milk to co-operatives from private vendors was also carried out by giving attractive prices, prizes and annual bonus in the milk supplied. Hence the milk collection has been increasing.  To maintain and enhance the quality of milk Warana Dairy established BMC units at different places

 Milk Procurement starts in 1970 which was only 4000 Ltrs/day. Very soon will cross 20.00 Crores Ltrs.

Our milk producer is mainly marginal farmer or landless labour.  He is not producing milk on commercial basis.  Milk business is not business for him. He is doing this as a side business only. 
Milk producer is the important or base of the milk business. Warana Coop Milk Union always put him in front while designing training and extension activities. With the purpose of development and expansion of milk business, union tries inventory program techniques and motivational subsidy offers.


Feeding is the most important part of the  dairy management’s. The good quality cattle   feed is supplied to the  farmers on one month credit. The  good quality cattle feed is supplied to the farmers on one month  credit. The cattle feed is manufacture in Warana Cattle feed plant, which is run on no profit, no loss basis.     

Cattle feed supply :

Union is providing  cattle feed to the producers with best quality on no profit no loss basis. It is available in two types – mash in 65 kg bag and and pallet 60 kg bag.

Urja, E-sac powder and Mineral Mixture Supply :

To reduce the infertility, to improve the milk quality and health of the animal union providing mineral mixture by charging only Rs. 30/kg. For health and energy improvement Urja bypass fat and e-sac powder is also made available  on no loss no profit basis.

Green Fodder Development Program :

The main fodder available is sugar cane leaves and sugar cane tops. But fodder program has its own limitations, due to small land holding. So the farmers were given hints for intercropping in sugar cane. Lot of work has been done for successful green fodder development program. So presently the fodder seeds are supplied on 50% cost, to attract the farmers. Also the farmers are taken to the fields, where fodder plantation is done.

Warana Dairy  is offering 90% subsidy to promote this green fodder development on fodder seeds like Lucerne, and, Bar seem. About 50-55 MT seeds has been made available throughout the year. Other fodder crops like Napier, (CO3 variety), Guinea grass, Marvel, African tall maize, the seeds of these crops are also available.


Different subsidized items are made available for the milk producers and Primary Dairy Society. Like milking machine and chaff cutter , Travis, milco tester,  Emergency power system, Computer and Electronic Weighing Machine,  Society building construction scheme Etc.


Milk producer is the important or base of the milk business. Warana Coop Milk Union always put him in front while designing training and extension activities. With the purpose of development and expansion of milk business, union tries inventory program techniques and motivational subsidy offers.

To make dairy business  more profitable and to overcome the challenges like –  Low land holding have scarce of good quality fodder , Improper use of fodder, Unawareness about balanced ration,  Unawareness about TMR, Limitations on dry matter intake, Maximum source of nutrition from crop residues, Low milk yield, Low quality fat & SNF, High inter-calving period, Age at first calving, High calf mortality, Low conception rate ,  high milk production cost, Management is very important – Management regarding fodder, veterinary aids, breeding and rearing. 

Literacy rate in the milk producers especially in the female population is very low therefore  training is significant aspect. Training for – Farmers (Selected Producers),  Women, Farm  owners and Staff of primary coop societies. About 150000 producers are linked through about 3000 primary coop societies from almost 2096 villages.

At milk producer level especially for women and youth generation different educational programs are being organized time to time.  At primary society level training   for society’s employees, committee members are also organized.

Veterinary Services

All veterinary services are almost free only special visits are being nominally charged only Rs. 50/- and large operations like caesarian and Ruminatomy are charged Rs. 100/- only .

I) De-worming Program :about 40 % of digested food making animals debilated. This affects the productivity of the animal. To overcome this problem union is conducting mass de-worming program since 2002. this has benefited us in improving in terms of quality of milk. We are using powder Ivvermectin as a medicine which is ecto and endo de-warmer. Union has offered 50% subsidy on the medicine.

II) Productivity enhancement program: Union has started productivity enhancement program with the help of NDDB since 2001. to achieve this extensive training to farmers , veterinarians, para veterinarians, management committee members of DCS is given. Also supply of good mineral mixture, quality feed has been made available. Arranging programs like de-worming, heat- synchronization are held regularly. Supply Buffalos are seasonal breeders. They exhibit heat and calve in winter season only. Due to this milk production from april to October is reduced up to 60 % compare to production in November to March. To overcome this problem to some extent brining the animals in heat at a time by using synthetic or natural hormones is the best method. We are conducting this program from June to October every year about 5000 to 5500 animals are induced in this program. Generally we get 52-55 % conception rate. This helps to maintain our procurement level in lean season. Union has declared 50% subsidy on medicines used in this program as they are very costly.

III) Calf Rearing program :This program has been introduced for the farmers to realize themselves the importance of calf rearing which was practically negligible. Farmers do get a good quality and low cost animals if they rear the calves at their stable. To bring down the rearing cost union has introduced milk replacer and calf starter. A model shed has established where the calves are brought by purchasing from the farmers. They are reared by using milk replacer calf starter and all the modern techniques.

IV) Travis for Animals :

V) Exhibition and Competition: To motivate the milk producers and DCS Union organizes every year different competitions such as Ideal DCS, Ideal Women DCS, Highest Milk supplying DCS, Best quality milk – cow, best milk quality – buffalo, highest milk supply – lean season, Best artificial inseminator, Best Fat tester, Ideal Chairman of DCS, Ideal Secretary etc. At the occasion of AGM chosen milch animals exhibition conducted by the Union every time where 400 to 500 animals participates. From these animals

VI) Purchase of Milch Animals : Animals : ducer who are having more than 10 milch animals or if like a community dairy farming that particular group is spending Rs. Upto 2500/- per month. That group or that big producer can move to milking machine. To promote the use of milking machine Union is offering 50% subsidy.

VII) Nominated Mating Programme for production of HF/HFCB/Khillar and Pandharpuri. male calves.

Shri. Warana Sahakari Dudh Utpadak Prakriya Sangh Ltd. Tatyasaheb Kore nagar A/p- Warananagar Dist-Kolhapur and Sabaramati Ashram Gaushala (SAG) is jointly working in the districts of Kolhapur and Sangali for production of elite female and male calves from disease free elite cows in the area through nominated mating. In this project the female calves will be rear by farmers of Warana dairy and high pedigree and disease free male calves will be given to SAG, Bidaj Farm as future breeding bulls.
About SAG : Sabarmati Ashram Gaushala (SAG), a Public Charitable Trust, founded in 1915 by Mahatma Gandhi, which is presently managed by the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), is a premier research centre combining advanced reproductive technology and scientific methods to improve animal and agricultural productivity in the country.  The center carries out its farm activities at Bidaj located in Kheda district of Gujarat State.Project summary: To implement the field activities, initially SAG has deputed one of his officers Dr.Shivkumar  R Patil, Manager (PS) for Maharashtra Activity. This project has initiated since September 2012 and till date 550 animal screened for various diseases and 300 animal put under milk recording as well as125 animal are pregnant with imported Semen and up to October 2013 the 10 male calves purchased by SAG for future breeding bull.

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