Dr.Partha Sarathi Asian Hair and Skin Hospital in Karnataka and Bangalore

Dr.Paratha Sarathi Dutta Roy, is that the best Dermatologist, Tricologist and Cosmetologist in Bangalore is that the founding father of Dr.Partha Sarathi’s Asian Hair and Skin Hospital in October 2014.

This hospital is that the out-come of Dr Partha sarthi’s 18 years of rich experience and together with his high qualification of B.Sc, MBBS, DDVL, MD within the field of Dermatology, Cosmetology and Trichology. He is alright known in India for his clinical skills and therefore the World’s most innovative techniques performed by him.

Every individual wants to seem smart, that skin and hair plays a serious role in one’s appearance. This is where we come to the fore to assist you with our proven cosmetology, trichology and aesthetic solutions. It is the simplest hair and skin clinic offering affordable aesthetic advanced hair and skin treatment to at least one and every one .

Hair is that the richest ornament for each human, hair loss (alopecia) or hair thinning can build complex and end in a loss of self-worth and cause depression or anxiety.

Skin being the most important and outermost organ of the body it needs special care, it’s susceptible to various diseases and one’s bodily disorders too are reflected thereon . Continuous exposure to the sun and therefore the environment definitely takes a toll on ones’ skin.

For all kinds of major or minor hair and skin problems there’s a permanent solution at Dr.ParthaSarathi’s Asian Hair and Skin Hospital at a reasonable cost.

Best Skin Clinic In Bangalore

Dr Partha Sarathi Dutta Roy, founder of this Clinic, is nationally and internationally renowned Dermatologist and a leading Cosmetologist in Bangalore.

He is well known for his clinical skills as he never compromises with the quality of treatment. He has a friendly approach with the patients and thus the patients feel free to discuss with him any of their problems may be of with confidential nature.

Many Doctors with various qualifications and clinical skills are associated with AHSH to make it a multi specialty Trichology Center. The approach of the supporting staff and well experienced technicians are adding another feather on the crown of AHSH.

The supporting staff are known for their warm approach to the clients and the clients never feel that they are in a Clinic but feel that they are surrounded with their own friends. All these put together AHSH has become the No 1 Trichology Center in Bangalore.

INFRASTRUCTURE: The hospital is situated in the heart of the city, closely located to the famous Mayo Hall, Central Mall, Garuda Mall, Home Stop etc and thus easily reachable from any part of Bangalore. It has the state of the art technology and the hospital is designed keeping the patients requirements and comforts in mind. It gives very neat and hygienic appearance.

Why Dr.Partha Sarathi ?

AHSH believes in satisfaction of its customers by getting world class treatments whether it is for skin, hair & nail problems or it is for any other aesthetic problems.

AHSH is also known for its cosmetic and plastic surgery and hair transplant. Lot of celebrities visit AHSH to get best treatment in India with 100% confidentiality. They never share name or contact of their patients to a third person.

Recently added latest technologies like Urbium Glass Laser and Fractional CO2 Laser has made AHSH to give world class treatment to its valued customers.

To get noticed in the crowd you need maximum beauty and personality in all levels. To discover maximum beauty in you we are not only providing cosmetic and plastic surgery, but we extend the latest FUE Technology in hair transplant also.

List of Hair and Skin Treatment offered at Dr.Partha sarathi

  • hair loss treatment
  • hair fall treatment
  • hair transplant
  • prp hair treatment
  • laser hair removal
  • hair bonding treatment
  • Hair Replacement
  • hair regrowth treatment
  • IPL Hair Removal treatment
  • Hair Patch treatment
  • Hair Multiplication treatment
  • facial hair removal
  • permanent hair removal
  • hair weaving
  • cosmetic skin care treatments
  • kin peeling treatment
  • skin whitening treatment
  • skin rash treatment
  • Skin Biopsy treatment
  • skin polishing treatment
  • Skin pulse laser treatment
  • skin tightening treatments for face
  • anti aging treatments
  • weight loss
  • vitiligo surger
  • yacne surgery

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