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Teleradiology, also known as Telemedicine Radiology, involves the use of advanced imaging technology to transmit and receive digital images and related information from physicians, healthcare facilities, or medical centers. A teleradiology reporting is a second opinion on medical imaging, written by experts brought together from across the country. The goal of teleradiology services reports is to improve patient care by providing diagnoses that may not have been previously considered.

Hospitals use teleradiology to help them treat their patients faster and more effectively. By using our top-notch telemedicine solutions, you can make sure your patients get the best care, wherever they are.

The teleradiology platform is designed to provide the highest level of quality in communication, reporting, and reporting assurance. Teleradiology simplifies the process of diagnostic imaging interpretation, reducing the time and money required of both healthcare providers and patients.

Teleradiology is a booming industry and is growing at an exponential rate. One of the most important aspects of this industry is the need for affordable and reliable teleradiology companies. Radever Teleradiology, one of the best teleradiology companies in India, has been providing excellent service to clients for over 10 years now.

Radever Teleradiology Solutions India

Radever Teleradiology is radiologist owned and operated. Proactive at every level of the company, radiologist leadership ensures every concern is addressed with patient care at the forefront.

Radever provides teleradiology reporting world-wide in India, Kenya, Nigeria, Africa, Uganda, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Sudan, Tanzania, Botswana, Ghana, Malaysia, Thailand, Mali, Italy, Brazil.

We as a team are committed to provide detailed reports at really affordable price for MRI, CT, and conventional radiology (X-ray) with essential turnaround time. We have vast experience as a rural and urban Teleradiology healthcare provider.

Our reports focus on acute care decisions allowing more optimal patient care at various (more than 25) hospitals and imaging centers currently spanning Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerla, Uttarakhand. However, the value we bring to your hospital or diagnostic centers is much more.

Radever understands the needs and limitations of a small diagnostic setup. Our goal is to ensure that rural and community hospitals are able to provide the same high standard of radiology care as is available in big/urban hospitals, at affordable price with state of the art technology.

Teleradiology Services & Technology The technology employed by Radever meets DICOM and HIPAA standards.

Radever also partners with your hospital to capture exams that referring physicians are sending elsewhere through our regular phone calls to your clinicians (unique instant SMS service for your referring clinicians)

Radiologist owned and operated

Information, communication and teamwork are most essential parts of patient care And can only delivered by radiologist owned and operaterd telaradiology providers.

Diagram of concepts of teamwork, collaboration and collegiality – Blue represents clinical team and Red represents Radiology team.
A. Teamwork represents effective interaction between members of same teams.
B. Collaboration represents effective interactions between members of different teams.
C. Collegiality represents effective interactions between individuals in same role on same or similar teams.

The Radever Advantage

  • Focused
  • Transparent
  • Personal
  • Accessible
  • Affordable
  • Proactive
  • Flexible
  • Expert
  • Quality
  • Reliable

State of the Art

Radever Teleradiology utilizes state-of-the-art productivity tools including distributed workflow, web-based technology, and seamless integration. We maintain a secure, encrypted and redundant network that meets DICOM and HIPAA standards.

Our Advanced Technology Means:

  • Reports are available by online or via HL7 interface for prelims or finals at the moment they are signed
  • Report turnaround times are expedited with voice recognition technology
  • Workflow is facilitated based on urgency
  • Enhanced administrative tools
  • Suite of tools eases performance of technologist duties
  • Implementation is painless

Teleradiology World Wide

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