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If you are looking for a dental clinic, consider visiting Toothfind. Toothfind is a first-of-its-kind platform that is made for patients to find, consult and connect with dentists exclusively. The makers of Toothfind realized that patients who were finding dentists online had to pre-pay the dentists before consulting them.

All Dental Experts are on Toothfind

Dental Implants-

Dental implants are the best and the most recommended solution for missing teeth. They are the latest replacement option for decayed or moving teeth. 

Orthodontic Treatment-

Orthodontic treatment is systematically planned correction of malaligned teeth. Orthodontic treatment is a way of aligning straight or moving teeth, to improve the look of the teeth. 

Teeth Cleaning-

Scaling is a process of cleaning the teeth while going below the gum line to remove plaque build-up over the tooth and root surfaces. 

Pediatric Dentistry-

Pediatric dentistry is specialized dentistry for children, right from infants to teens. 

Cosmetic Dentistry-

Cosmetic dentistry manages to correct and beautify your smile and enhance your appearance.

Root Canal Treatment-

A Root canal is a procedure in which the pulp is removed from the tooth crown and the root canals, and it is eventually replaced with a biocompatible material.

How ToothFind works for the dentist?


  1. Download Toothfind App & Register your clinic for free

2. After Instant Verification , you can reply to patient enquiries by –

  •  Explaining their Problem in easy words
  • Giving Approximate Costs of Treatments
  • Showing your previous happy patients
  • Displaying your clinic photos
  • Giving prescriptions
  • Attaching Patient education material
  • Many more features

3. Send your Reply so patient understands why your clinic is the best choice for getting treatment

Book appointments instantly with any verified dentist