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SAN HR ADVISORS is the best job consultancy in pune. SAN HR ventured in 2011 with a sole purpose to provide Human Capital Consulting,  Recruitment Services, and Training interventions to different industry segments. SAN HR is a team of HR consultants having experience in operational and strategic HR in various industrial sectors.

We provide end to end HR solutions and HRM consultancy to SME and Mid-corporate organization, SAN HR provides services that are measurable, result oriented and customized knowing the overall people, strategy, and culture of the organization. We believe in having a personal touch in business which creates a difference in finding solutions and help us to achieve more.We provide operational and strategic HR solutions, like Recruitment, Training, HR shared services, Performance management. HR Audits, Surveys.

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We recently completed 7 years and have a privilege to work with best clients and wonderful people. We believe in quality work and have strived to be the trusted recruitment partner. Hence we treat ourselves as your partner and provide services as an integral part of your organization

SAN HR Advisors is a team of Human Resource Management Consultants.With 7 years of experience and in-depth understanding of HR function, we provide operational and strategic HR solutions like Recruitment, Training, HR shared services, Performance management, HR Audits, HR Surveys.We believe in quality work and have strived to be the trusted HR partner to our clients. SAN HR is the best job consultancy in pune.


  • Ownership:We believe in taking the ownership in our client’s work.
  • Innovative: We courageously experiment to bring new and satisfied HR solutions
  • Client Satisfaction: At every step, we do an evaluation to achieve the satisfaction level.
  • Confidence: Confidence comes with Knowledge and we strive to be upgraded with latest trends.


SAN HR ADVISORS mission is to provide Value added solution and services with an ownership attitude to save our Client’s Time and Resources (in terms of Money),  with an professional integrity.


Help organization unleash human potential and build a competitive HR function with the sole objective to help our client gain advantage in domestic and global market



  • Innovative and highly customized solutions.
  • Pose competencies required for a recruiter
  • Good client coordination with an ownership attitude
  • Business Acumen with an in-depth understanding of day to day HR function.



With 91% Client retention and 87% candidate retention ratio, we take pride in being one of the consistent recruitment service providers since 2011. Our experienced and skilled team of recruiters help hiring candidates for the present and (or) future vacancies with our unique sourcing and selection methodology.

Learning & Development

SAN HR has successfully provided Training Interventions to bridge the gap between desired and existing level of behavioral and soft skills. The unique and effective methodology which starts first by measuring the existing level of skills through various tools, the second step is to bridge the gap through training intervention and third step wherein we have one to one coaching with the employee.


There are times when you would like to discuss or exchange ideas, or consult someone before taking decisions related to employee or employment- one who can validate, suggest, or introduce new ideas to assist them. SAN HR Advisors being a group of experienced HR professionals we are a trusted management partner to our clients.
We can be available over the telephone or a reply by email. It may be answering a simple question or providing the strategic plan to layoff staff. Sometimes we travel to the client’s office to assist them or we prepare all the paperwork and customize it so it is ready.

Employee Handbook

Most of the employers want to establish a discipline and maintain a good working environment. Employers understand the need for employee handbooks but don’t know how to write one or where to find one they can rely. As it is always advised that all employers must have an employee handbook that is current and contains policies you intend to follow. Employee Handbook is designed to acquaint an employee with the organization structure, policies, resources, employee benefits, obligations and responsibilities and serve to be part of the foundation of the employment relationship. They reflect your values and your culture. They also fulfill certain very important requirements, both legally and practically.

Performance Management

Performance management helps eliminate the performance appraisal or annual review and evaluation as the focus and concentrates instead on the entire spectrum of performance management and improvement strategies. It may include elements like preparation of individual development plans, criteria-based performance appraisals based on actual job content, performance development including coaching, training, cross-training, increasingly challenging assignments and projects.

On-site HR Administration

Do you need a person to manage the complete HR Function and play an active role to evolve your company from transactional to transformational stage?
– As a business partners, we will play the following HR Roles:

  • Strategic  Partner
  • Change Agent
  • Employee Champion
  • Administrative Expert

HR Shared Services

We do Organization Restructuring & Building HR policies which includes –

  • Preparations and standardization of JD’s
  • Preparation of Organization charts and reporting matrix.
  • Building employee related policies right from hiring till the exit of the employee.

HR Process Audit

We follow the following steps for HR Audit.

SCOPE: All aspects of HR Function

METHODOLOGY: Check the current practices as against the procedure specified in the manual.

DELIVERY: Submit a Status Report on the Audit.

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