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Tulja Estate is leading service oriented Real Estate Ahmedabad. As real estate is a service oriented business,we have maintained an Optimum balance between Digital & Man powered Portals in our Offices to support all the relevant needs. We provide the best Real Estate service with a Huge amount of options to suit all your Dreams & Needs. We offer services on the legal documents & registrations as well. So all these legal documents can be handed over to the seller/buyer in one complete file. Thus, we can the safeguard the interest of valued customers of “TULJA ESTATE”.

Our Service Level

We at “TULJA ESTATE” believe to provide services based on customer choice and above all, protect the interest of our customers. “TULJA ESTATE” deals in Land, Plots, Bungalows, Appartments, Row Houses, Offices & Shops. Thus, primary objective of our company is to provide esteem services to our customers.

In the financial year of 2005 to 2006 government of India, it was a great boon in disguise, announced that Ahmedabad city is going to be mega city and with this news, the scope of increasing of our business to greater opportunities. In perceptive field and with this plan many major companies. Multi-national Corporation etc will plan to come forward to establish their new business set-up for their future vision in the state of Gujarat. Looking to this major step We are at this end, plan to have our business expansion to various field of activities land, plots, bungalows, flats, row houses etc, rather on sale, leave-license, purchases, rental. We started to have more and more options to give the choice of Real Estate Ahmedabad to customers so that the customer will have benefit in choosing their requirements of property here comes the lead role of “TULJA ESTATE” A major name in real estate companies. Our Motto is very clear, SALES – SERVICE, and SATISFACTION.

Legal Service

We are providing legal service to your property deal. Contact Tulja Estate for land Legal Services & Legal Consultant

  • Public Notice.
  • Search Report.
  • Title Clearance Certificate.
  • Title Report.
  • Entry in 7/12.
  • To Refer Mutation 6 No. Entries and 8(A).
  • Registration process before the Sub-Registrar Offices.
  • Conversion of Agricultural Land to Non-Agricultural Land in Commercial, residential & Industrial Purpose.
  • Deed of Conveyance
  • Development Agreement
  • Agreement of Sale
  • General Power Of Attorney
  • Special Power Of Attorney
  • Deed Of Partition
  • Deed Of Dissolution Of Partnership
  • Right Of Way
  • Leave and License Agreement
  • Deed Of Confirmation
  • Deed of Rectification
  • Deed of Cancellation
  • Deed Of Surrender
  • Deed Of Exchange
  • Deed Of Gift
  • Deed Of Partnership
  • Deed Of Re-Conveyance
  • Indemnity Bond
  • Affidavits & Declaration
  • Will etc.
  • Promissory Bond
  • Confirmation Agreement

Financial Services

In Tulja Finance, we concentrate on the facilitation of finance to varied individuals, firms or companies who need it. This division offers its services for clients in need of Home Loans, Commercial Loans (Shops/Offices), Loans against Properties (Mortgage Loans), Business Loans, Personal Loans etc.
Loan Products

We offer services for securing following Financial Services:

  • Home Loans: The house of your dreams can now be yours. The range of Housing Finance products includes Home Loans, Home Improvement/Renovation Loans, and residential Extension Loans.
  • Commercial Loans: Whether it’s your Posh Office or a fancied Shop. Your dreams can now be the truth . Commercial finance products include office/shop loans, improvement/renovation loans or extension loans.
  • Loans against Property: this is often a secured loan. If you own residential or commercial property you’ll utilize the worth of an equivalent by choosing an equitable real estate loan . This money might be used accordingly for your desirable causes whether personal or business related.
  • Business loans: These are offered to small and medium enterprises towards capital , expansion, or modernization of existing business. It might be either secured or unsecured. the thought is that if there’s a chance for growth at acceptable risk levels the banks will finance.
  • Personal loans: this is often an all-purpose loan. Absolutely hassle free and you’ll do virtually anything under the sky with the cash , as long as you pay off the installments in time. it’s an unsecured loan without guarantors, securities, hypothecation or any mortgages. Your income i.e, salary if salaried and IT Returns if self-employed along side other factors like repayment diary and statement amongst others are considered by the banks during loan sanction.

Interior Design

We are a team of highly-skilled and very prolific designers and interior space decor professionals. We get our highs from transforming our clients’ vision into reality, even better than their imagination. we’ve a close-knit team of interior designers and designers who are well-versed and highly skilled in building Residential Interior Spaces also as Commercial Interior Spaces which works both practically and aesthetically. Our thoughtful and innovative interior design solutions are initiated by partnering closely with our clients. We aim at thoroughly understanding client’s personal taste and likes and reworking them into the inside design solutions. With extremely strong values in situ , we at Tulja Estate take every step towards excellence in interior design. We believe the facility of design, thus create design-savvy interior spaces that aren’t only aesthetically beautiful but also very functional in character. We align core values and dynamic use of space within the creating of great designed interior spaces in Ahmedabad and other cities in Gujarat.

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