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Indiana Travel Services:
“Dreams are made for travellers to conquer. and memories are created when dreams are realized.”
Travellers today have matured from just being “sight-lovers”, its about the journey, the experience, the memories- travel is about capturing the essence of the destination.

Indiana Travel Services was born purely out of the eagerness of exploration and wanderlust in 1996. An enriched background in travel planning was the source of inspiration for Deepak Ramnani and Asmita Ramnani, as they came from an extended lineage of travel enthusiasts. Coming from the family that revolutionized the concept of “travel services” for India before Independence, Deepak Ramnani’s desire to experience and find out the planet was the seed from which Indiana grew; From a two member team, Indiana now boasts of an efficient, creative and diligent team of over twenty-five members over twenty years.

Deepak Ramnani and Asmita Ramnani take the ideas of “wanderlust” very seriously, and confirm to experience and find out the enjoyment of magical destinations first hand. They are duly recognized by the Tourism Boards of diverse destinations, which enables them access to some of the most unique experiences before sharing it with their clients.

Indiana Travel Services is a team who understands adventure-seekers and globetrotters, Indiana Travels Services takes pride in going ‘that extra mile’ to make your trip worthwhile. It’s no wonder that we are one among the simplest travel agencies in Mumbai, Indiana is that the only Travel Company in Mumbai that puts you initially , and in particular else, when planning a vacation!

Travel tips, expert advice, and detailed destination information are aspects of our domestic and international packages that make us the well-liked Travel Company in Mumbai. When you get the urge to put on your shoes for adventure, we are here to help you choose the ones that fit best. From hiking mountains to white water rafting in rivers, from hitting the best bars around the globe to cruises in Antarctica, we can map, chart and formulate every trip – big or little.

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  • Scandinavia
  • Argentina
  • New Zealand
  • Morocco
  • Eastern Europe
  • India

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