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AUMRUT is a dream; a hope and a promise for humanity. A promise to revive the purity of cosmic love that is celebrated in the form of milk-the ultimate manifestation of pure love of a mother.

Born as sparks of divinity, we humans gradually lost this wisdom over the last few centuries; and with the advent of commercialization of every product, service and emotion we lost connect with our roots, our magic and our divinity! With AUMRUT we are in the service of re-connecting you to this magic with our pure, virgin cow milk. AUMRUT is milk as it should be- Pure as mother’s love, rich with a Perfect blend of nutrients that nurture Priceless wellness in you.

The proverbial AUMRUT gifted the Gods & Goddesses with energy, knowledge and power that symbolizes the eternity of being; a promise we hope to keep with our milk as well. While we wish it would also confer physical immortality, we do promise that it will certainly gift you the enigmatic energy to pursue unrivalled knowledge and personify benevolent power to live a healthy vibrant life that truly outlives you! AUMRUT after all is pure cosmic love for your body and soul!


Amrut are proud to share that we are the ONLY Certified A2 Cow Milk brand in India, to present Pure, Fresh and absolutely Virgin Cow Milk, which is free of human touch and adulteration, straight from our State of the Art Farms to your Family. Our beloved cows are nurtured, pampered and fed with certified feed that nourishes their overall well-being, this ensure that the milk retains its potent nutritive value to energize your life; because we know that only when you are brimming with energy will you dream those dreams to your fullest, fill up that insatiable knowledge reservoir and thus leadtruly empowered lives.

This is our gift to you-the Modern Gods of Today, who are always looking at elevating and enriching the quality of life, to live a life, truly King size.

Products at Aumrut

  • Pasteurized & Homogenized Milk
  • Raw Milk
  • Pasteurized
  • Aumrut A2 Ghee
  • A2 milk

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