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Orange Mart fruits & vegetables are mostly from the local farms and fields, thus providing the assurance of only high quality and healthy products to our customers. In order to ensure this promise, we work with many small families, farmer communities, growers and all times aggregators to get produce that are harvested on the next day of delivery.

Online Fruits and Vegetables India

Orange Mart is the first comprehensive online fruits and vegetables store in Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar,Gujarat, you will find everything you are looking for. Right from wide range of handpicked fresh fruits and vegetables,  Save time and money, shop at – the best online fruit & vegetable store, provisions store – an all-encompassing online fruits and vegetables store of India.

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Shopping with, the best online fruits and vegetables shopping store in Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar It is very simple and easy. No more standing in lines, carrying heavy bags and looking for parking! Get started with online fruits and vegetables shopping at India’s favourite online fruits and vegetables store. Choose from a wide range of options in fruit and vegetables, exclusively handpicked to help you find the best quality available at the lowest prices. Select a time slot for home delivery and your order will be delivered at your doorstep, anywhere in Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar,Gujarat, India In future we are expanding to other cities in India. You can pay by cash, card or food coupons. We guarantee on time delivery and the best quality! Happy Shopping!

Buy Fruits and vegetables Online

Don’t let your busy schedule come in the way of a healthy diet! At OrangeMart, we understand your time constraints and make it possible for you to access a fruits and vegetables online market at your doorstep! Supplement your diet with vegetables, fruit juices and fresh salads which are guaranteed to keep you and your family nourished and healthy. Now use the time you spend commuting to buy fruits and vegetables online and have them delivered to you in a day. You can even choose a time which is convenient to you!

Vegetables & Fruits at Orange Mart

Fresh Vegetables

  • Potatoes, Onions, Tomatoes
  • Beans, Brinjals, Okra
  • Gourds, Pumpkins, Drumsticks
  • Lemon, Chilli & herbs
  • Cucumber, Capsicum & Other
  • Leafy Vegetables
  • Cabbage, Cauliflower, Broccoli
  • Peas, Corn, Mushrooms
  • Root Vegetables

Fresh Fruits

  • Apples, Pears, Plums & Peaches
  • Banana, Guava, Sapota
  • Grapes, Berries, Cherries
  • Kiwi, Melon and Coconut
  • Oranges, Sweet Lime & Other Citrus
  • Papaya, Pineapple, Pomegranate
  • Exotic Fruits


  • Namkeen
  • Chips / Waffers

Foodgrains, oils, & Masala

    • Toor, Channa & Moong Dal
    • Cereals & Millets
    • Masala

Orange Mart

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