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Our Future Teleradiology team is based in the India, giving us advantage of medical expertise, cost effectiveness, low cost technical support and difference in time zones to cater domestic teleradiology India, Bangladesh, Africa, Afghanistan, Singapore, Australia, middle east, UK and USA clients.

As part of our, teleradiology India services we value relationships and reporting quality the most. Multilayer reporting help us ensure complete quality control of telereports.

Indian Teleradiology Services in South Asia and Middle east.

Future Teleradiology Services is among the best service provider in India and neighbouring countries. With largest radiologist team, FTS has 500 clients including major projects of Indian government. As per survey most of the south Asian countries like Afghanistan , Bangladesh , Burma, Nepal , Sri lanka along with middle eastern and African countries like Nigeria , Qatar , Dubai , South Africa etc are hiring Indian teleradiology firms to help them with xray , CT scan and MRI scan reporting.

Of few rapidly growing firm, Future teleradiology Services firm based in Mumbai, Pune and Delhi has been so far most preferred Indian teleradiology firm by diagnostic centres in these country. Large pool of 250 radiologist and dedicated coordinator staffs for each clients makes future teleradiology a one stop solutions for all kind of teleradiology services.

Future Teleradiology Services India

Preliminary and Final Interpretations

Future Teleradiology provides high-quality, accurate final and preliminary reads or xrays/ radiograph, CT scan and MRI, across the globe throughout the year.It is for our reliability and quality that multiple hospitals and diagnostic centers across the globe have partnered with us to get high-quality, accurate final and preliminary reads.

We have unique ways to customize reporting timings/TAT as per the client’s needs and desires.Trail run of few cases is always welcomed for satisfaction of the client, before making a commitment.

We don’t mind taking up high volume centers at short notices. A strong team of radiologists and IT department are always there to help.Volume xray/radiograph reporting is also possible on dedicated PACS.

Emergency Nighthawk

We provide flexible timings of both day and night coverage.Reporting timings can be customized as per clients needs.For teleradiology critical cases our support staff is always present to escalate the service and provide fast reporting.Future Teleradiology Solutions always available for you.

Communication channels of Future Teleradiology Solutions are always available for you.Telephonic, emails, SMS or media like whatsapp will be mode of communication.


We have radiologists specialized in all radiological subspecialties to handle challenging cases. Subspecialty reports in the fields of Teleradiology – Cardiology, Musculoskeletal disorders, Neuro-radiology, Vascular disorders, Oncology, Chest related disorders, Gastro-Intestinal disorders etc are regularly done.

After initial reporting clients can finalize list of radiologist they want to report for them.Tertiary hospitals/diagnostic centers/Specialty clinics can also opt for customized telereporting service for critical or second opinion cases.

Vacation Coverage

Single or few day support or a standby support whenever needed is also part of services we provide. Future Teleradiology Solutions guides you whenever needed.Reporting after duty hours of your inhouse radiologist is always supported by us.

Audit Reporting

External Audit for your in-house reporting is also a service we can help our clients with. Our audit approach helps identify quality issues and provides solutions to improve patient care as well as remain fully compliant with the statutory regulations.Audit TAT , Audit report parameters and percentage can be customized as per client’s requirement.

Second Opinion reporting

Review and second opinions for our own reporting are cost free. We also will happily review scans reported at your end at pre decided cost.

Review Telereporting

Client can either choose same radiologist or any other senior teleradiologist from the panel of our teleradiologist in case there is any queries about the report.We offer this as a free service.

PACS and IT support

We provide free PACS to all our clients with no additional expenses for IT support as well.Innovative features of our PACS not only help in telereporting, but also in backend monthly reports, TAT tracking and billing.These also reduce timings teleradiologist need to report each scan.


We are always ready for easy and timely communications between teleradiologist and client or your clinician/referring doctor.This also creates confidence among your referring doctor base in you and our teleradiology services.

Report Format

Each client can have their own predefined customized report formats. Or you can choose from report formats available with our teleradiology core team.

Why Future Teleradiology India

  • Teleradiology Team of 250 Radiologists.
  • No hardware or software cost to centers/hospitals.
  • Shortest Turnaround time (1-1.5 hours).
  • Large volume reporting.
  • Weekend and holiday reporting
  • FDA/HIPPA approved PACS and software.
  • Dedicated coordinator for each client to facilitate daily communications..
  • Superficiality teleradiology reporting
  • Animal/veterinary scan reporting.
  • Live record of reporting 1962 CT, 1788 MRI and 2871 xrays in a day.
  • Trail reporting of one day for assurance.
  • We are trusted associate reporting partner for 7 Indian state government district hospitals chains.

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