Shilpin Clinic – Skin, Hair and Cosmetic Clinic, Ahmedabad


Shilpin Skin Clinic is that the one stop solution for all quite skin, hair, nail and cosmetic problems. Shilpin Skin Clinic offer scientifically proven treatment for all ailments. Over and above we provide treatment that are quite efficacious and safe at affordable prices. Patient satisfaction is our prime motto.

Pretty isn’t beauty.
Pretty is how you look; beauty is who you’re .
Pretty is in the face and body; beauty is in the heart, mind and soul.
Pretty fades; beauty grows.
At Shilpin Skin Clinic, we make the people prettier which help to get their beauty.

Shilpin Skin Clinic is managed by Dr. Darshan Karia who is a consultant dermatologist, cosmetologist and hair transplant surgeon practicing in Nikol, Ahmedabad. He is an expert in treating all quite skin, hair and nail problems.

our Services

  • General Dermatology
  • Hair Treatment
  • Cosmetic Procedure
  • Dermato Surgery
  • Laser Hair Removal

Why to Choose Shilpin Clinic?


There are many so-called skin and beauty clinics opening now providing these sorts of services. Beware, most of them are not regulated and the practitioners will have limited, if any, experience in treating patients, with the majority being unable to make a proper dermatology diagnosis!

The equipment and the product they use may be of inferior quality or bought on line. We recommend you’re taking extreme caution when choosing a practitioner and clinic to supply your cosmetic treatments.

Expert Advice

At Shilpin Skin Clinic, we are qualified doctors who are experts within the diagnosis and treatment of skin-related problems. That is what we do, and have been doing for many years!

An unregulated clinic does not have to undergo any regulation and training steps to ensure safety, and will not have the training that doctors like us have had to undertake, and continue to update.

At the end of the day, who will you trust to treat your face or body? Surely a dermatologist who has had the best training, years of experience and with ongoing training and regulation is the appropriate person. Would you trust anyone else?

We provide expert diagnosis, advice and treatment for you. Come to us, the experts in skin assessment and treatment.


As an independent clinic, we do not have a team of sales people who are there to try to sell you unnecessary treatments. We have only responsible, professional doctors and therapists who provide expert, ethical, appropriate and individual advice to you. We are able to offer an extensive range of possible treatments at very affordable prices.