Zayn Clinic – Skin and Hair Clinic, Pune


Zayn Skin Clinic in Pune stands as a beacon of excellence in non-invasive aesthetic procedures, offering clients a seamless blend of natural-looking results and a luxurious experience. The clinic prides itself on minimal downtime and a commitment to providing a deluxe, customer-oriented service. The dedicated team at Zayn Skin Clinic ensures a stress-free journey for clients, from initial inquiry to post-treatment follow-up. With a focus on effective, beautiful, and natural aesthetic results, the clinic creates a relaxing, pampering, and satisfying environment for clients seeking personalized care for their faces and body.

Dr. Sajid Mughal: Dermatologist

Dr. Sajid Mughal, a specialist dermatologist at Zayn Skin Clinic, is renowned for his creative skills and aesthetic sense that has transformed the appearance of countless individuals, making them look younger and more youthful. As a visiting consultant across various parts of India, Dr. Sajid has not only trained numerous skin specialists in cosmetic dermatology but has also earned a stellar reputation for performing hundreds of successful hair transplants.

His expertise extends to being an author of the insightful guide “New Hair New Life Guide to FUE Hair Transplantation.” With qualifications including MBBS, PG Diploma in Dermatology (U.K.), and a Fellowship in Aesthetic Medicine (Pune), Dr. Sajid Mughal brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Zayn Skin Clinic, ensuring clients receive top-notch care under his expert guidance


  1. Tattoo Removal
  2. Hair Transplant
  3. Pigmentation
  4. Hair Loss Treatment
  5. Anti Aging Treatment
  6. Acne Treatment

Address: 7, Prithvi Garden 28 UdayBaug, Near B.T. Kawade Bridge,
Pune 411001